Message from CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn: Urgent Need for AES Radio Modules


CSAA members:

Due to an emergency situation, Alarm Detection Systems (ADS) has an immediate and urgent need for AES radio modules. Due to the failure of the network, thousands of locations are without monitoring.

The parts needed are only the transceivers within the AES product. Please do not ship the red boxes or attached boards.

The required part # is “MFG# 52-7085UES”. The radio frequencies are software programmable, so the frequency with which the unit is “preprogrammed” is not an issue.

In addition non-programmable radio models 7080 can be used if they are on one of the following frequencies:

  • 465.9125
  • 465.9625
  • 460.9125
  • 460.9375
  • 460.9625
  • 460.9875

Thousands of radios are required.

Please assist ADS with this immediate need.  Units should be overnighted to ADS at 1115 Church Rd Aurora, IL 60505. (630.844.6300)

If you can assist, please ship ASAP and drop an email to  Ed Bonifas at to send the tracking number.

Once this situation is corrected, ADS intends to share lessons learned, to hopefully avoid it impacting your AES networks in the future.

Thank you.

Jay Hauhn,
Executive Director, CSAA


CSAA Fall Ops to Focus on “Monitoring Excellence”


This year’s Fall Operations Management Seminar promises a rewarding program and lively discussions. Session topics include mobile PERS, specialized training techniques for monitoring operations, interaction with PSAPs, how monitoring centers should arm their operators against cybersecurity, and more. In addition, the popular “Roundtable” session will be expanded from one to two following the enthusiastic response to CSAA’s request for input from past participants.



2015 Fall Ops attendees participate in a Roundtable session.

The seminar includes a tour of Affiliated Monitoring, a CSAA Five Diamond-certified, ASAP-active monitoring center, and the opportunity to meet and ask questions of Affiliated’s leadership.

Affiliated Monitoring Center Floor-A.jpg

Affiliated Monitoring

View the complete Preliminary Program and register today for Fall Ops, the one industry event for central station personnel presented by central station personnel!


UL 827 at the CSAA Annual Meeting: Seeking input and participation from wholesale and multi-site branch monitoring centers

A new session has been added to the CSAA Annual Meeting on Wednesday, October 24 that focuses on UL 827 and remote locations.

Numerous member companies have expressed concern about how UL will be inspecting and validating the provisions of section 17.12.6 — specifically, the provision for remote locations to have Extent 3 coverage if access to customer information is available in these locations. This would potentially include dealer locations, remote branch offices and other locations that aMarco-Island-Logo_vertre not within your central station site. UL has agreed to open dialogue on how to address this issue from an alarm company perspective and from that of field inspectors. Your input is critical!

Please join us at the CSAA Annual Meeting for a working session in which we’ll discuss this recent change and how it could impact your company. We will explore options for alternative language for this section, plus have the opportunity to discuss with UL’s Steve Schmit any questions about changes in the 2017 inspection expectations.  Individuals who wish to attend but have not registered for the CSAA Annual Meeting should contact  for details.

UL 827 Work session: Wednesday, October 26, 7:30 am-8:30 am, Marriot Marco Island, Coconut Room
Visit for Annual Meeting information.


CSAA 2016 Annual Meeting: The Impact of the New Overtime Rule and Minimum Wage Increases on Your Business


Join our “sofa round-table” panel moderated by John Colehower, Managing Director of Mergers & Acquisitions LLC, to discuss the impact that overtime and minimum-wage laws will have on the security industry, and Marco-Island-Logo_vertwhat businesses can do to cope with the changes.  John will be joined by Kelly Kolb, a shareholder of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, who will review the legal issues; Mike Bodnar, President of Security Partners, who will discuss the challenges to Contract Central Stations; and Shannon Woodman, COO of Washington Alarm, who will discuss the impact on Installing Security Dealers.

Specifically, the panel will cover:

  • The new rule announced by
    the Department of Labor that would extend mandatory Overtime Pay to more than 4 million workers on December 1, 2016;
  • Existing and proposed state law changes to Minimum Wage Standards; and
  • Proposed federal law changes to Minimum Wage Standards.

There’s still time to register for the CSAA Annual Meeting!




Monitoring Industry Faces New Threat in Illinois

The monitoring industry is facing another threat in Illinois. Schaumburg, a community with 1200 commercial fire alarm systems, has passed an ordinance where the municipality prescribes that all commercial fire alarm systems must be monitored by a single local monitoring center of their choosing.

In the minutes from a recent public safety meeting obtained by Illinois ESA, a trustee asks about fixing various identified issues, and the fire chief responds: “The fault lies with their monitoring company that is failing to do the job the business is paying them for.” In another meeting record, the chief is cited as saying, “Remote companies hire minimum wage staff and aren’t diligent on how they do their job.” This leads to the mandate that the local municipality dictates who may monitor commercial fire alarms.

The IESA is working to engage the business community on this issue and will attend the next Schaumburg Board Meeting on October 11. CSAA leadership is closely involved. If you monitor in Illinois, please contact IESA Executive Director Kevin Lehan at for more information. Please direct any other comments or questions to Executive Director Jay Hauhn at

CSAA-Verisk Initiatives Deliver Great Member Benefits  

By Drew Doleski, Verisk Insurance Solutions

Two exciting opportunities are available to help security- and alarm-system providers find additional value from their data, and potentially expand insurance discount benefits to their customers, thanks to Verisk’s ongoing partnership with Central Station Alarm Association International (CSAA).

CSAA-affiliated system providers can participate in a CSAA-Verisk study that evaluates whether deeper insurance discounts are warranted for their customers beyond the ‘check box’ discounts provided today. System providers will also have an opportunity to participate in Verisk’s data exchange solution for the confirmation of current, active alarm systems. Homeowners insurers who participate in the exchange will be able to verify if a customer has an active monitoring subscription. This will potentially create additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) opportunities for system providers and could also improve system retention rates by triggering deeper homeowner policy discounts that would make retention more attractive.

Insurance industry aggregate discount study

Now underway, the insurance research study will develop insights that help insurers determine the extent to which discounts should be adjusted to truly reflect the benefits of alarm systems. The analysis draws from the combined alarm system data contributed by the industry, as well as from Verisk’s proprietary policy and claims/loss records that span the United States homeowners market. Verisk will provide advisory information to insurers and insurance regulators that supports discount-level adjustments within the industry.

Status of the study

  • Verisk and CSAA have finalized the process to securely encrypt and transmit necessary alarm company data and are ready to begin the analysis.
  • Two companies, Vector Security and Alarm Detection Systems, have signed on to participate in the research initiative.
  • CSAA-affiliated alarm system providers are encouraged to support the study by contributing information—data volume matters and we need the support of the full industry!

Alarm system data exchange

Verisk is partnering with alarm companies to create a database that matches alarm system subscriptions with homeowners insurance policies. Insurers, who seek accurate and timely information on households, use this database to systematically verify that customers qualify for alarm system discounts. For every match, participating alarm companies receive a royalty for the use of their data.

“The potential benefits of participating in the exchange for alarm companies are decreased attrition and boosted RMR,” noted Pam Petrow, president of CSAA. “Interested members are encouraged to reach out to Verisk.”

The Verisk team will attend CSAA’s Annual Meeting in October and looks forward to meeting and speaking with anyone who wants to learn more about Verisk’s CSAA initiatives. For more information, please contact Drew Doleski, product manager for Internet of Things and the Connected Home, at


Capitalize Your Customers’ Experiences: Meet CSAA Annual Meeting Speaker Dennis Snow

Snow, Dennis- HR PhotoNoted speaker, trainer and consultant Dennis Snow is the author of the book Lessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World’s Secrets of Success to Your Organization, Your Career, and Your Life. His customer service abilities were honed over 20 years with the Walt Disney World Company. There, he developed his passion for service excellence and the experience he brings clients and audiences worldwide. Today, Snow helps organizations including banks, universities and hospitals achieve goals related to customer service, employee development and leadership. He will present the featured session “Capitalizing Customer Experiences” at the CSAA Annual Meeting on October 25 in Marco Island, FL.

CSAATell CSAA members how you came to be interested in customer service.
Snow: My passion for the subject comes from my years working at Walt Disney World. The philosophy at Walt Disney World is this: “We’re not selling rides. We’re selling an experience.” And the service provided by every cast member is a big part of that experience.

CSAA: What can CSAA Annual Meeting participants expect from your session, “Capitalizing Customer Experiences”?
Snow: They’ll learn about the core elements of an outstanding customer experience, tools for improving the customer experience, and how to engage their employees in continuous service improvement.

CSAA: What will CSAA members will take away from your presentation?
Snow: Specific tools they can apply in their organizations.

CSAA: Can you share a sneak preview of a data point that you use to help managers/companies evaluate their customer service? 
Snow: A study showed that 68% of customers who defect from a company do so because of poor service. When that 68% was asked to define poor service, they defined it as “an attitude of indifference on the part of the company.” We can never take our customers for granted. It’s the difference between doing our work with a task mentality (which makes customers feel processed) versus doing our work with an experience mentality (which makes customers feel valued).

Marco-Island-Logo_vertCSAA: What is something you have found really surprising in your work with companies in your career?
Snow: I think the biggest surprise is the number of companies that have never really defined what they want the customer experience to be. There’s no clear vision of what’s expected, and the result is inconsistent performance.

CSAA: Are you an alarm system owner? 
Snow: I’ve been an alarm system owner for 26-years, and in all that time have triggered the alarm accidentally only about four times. I’m very proud!

CSAA: Tell us something about yourself that drives or influences the way you do business.
Snow: I have many, many books about Walt Disney, and when I need a dose of inspiration I know I can always open any of those books to any page. Walt died when I only seven years old, but no one else (other than my family) has such a big impact on my life.

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